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Multistate Performance Test Online Course

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Over Six Hours of Online Audio Lectures Covering:

        The MPT & Strategy

        Step-by-Step Procedure to answering any MPT question

        Difference Between Objective, Persuasive, and Fact-Driven Questions

        Comprehensive Analyses of three actual recent MPT Questions

MPT Released Questions Book

Access to AmeriBar's MPT Question Bank

AmeriBar’s Multistate Performance Test Course is AmeriBar’s latest innovation in technologically advanced exam preparation.   Years of research have gone into developing one of the most informative courses available.  The audio lectures are available online, which means that you can listen anywhere you have an internet connection.

The MPT course is patterned after our incredibly successful and highly acclaimed tutoring program.  The main benefits include:

  • A focus on what the examiners want from an answer and how to maximize your points;

  • Providing our infallible step-by-step approach to answering any MPT question;

  • Thorough instructions on objective, persuasive, and fact-driven questions. 

  • Listening availability anywhere you have an internet connection; and   

  • Students receive AmeriBar's Released MPT Questions book, which contains eight past MPT questions and point sheets, as well as access to AmeriBar's Released MPT Questions Databank.

Our course concentrates on how to best write your MPT answers.  No matter how much you know about a given question, you will not receive as many exam points as you could if you do not convey that information to the examiners in the manner in which they want to see it   Our materials are direct, concise, and focused on what you need to do in order to maximize your chances of passing the exam.

Order the MPT Program here


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